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Záporné otázky

1.  Doplňte:

_______ you pick me up at 10´clock?

2. Vyberte gramaticky správnou odpověď:

3. Vyberte gramaticky špatnou odpověď:

4. Vyberte gramaticky špatnou odpověď:

5. Doplňte:

______ you ask me out, if I were free?

6.  Vyberte gramaticky správnou odpověď:

7.  Vyberte gramaticky špatnou odpověď:

8. Doplňte:

I´m quite sure about him. ______ you?

9. Doplňte:

You managed to come up to us! Why _________ sit down?

10. Doplňte:

This is not helping me. Why ______ ever do anything right?

11. Doplňte:

I´m very happy that we´re together. _______ see it?

12. Doplňte:

________ you never doubted me?

13.  Vyberte gramaticky špatnou větu:

14.  Vyberte gramaticky správnou větu:

15.  Doplňte:

Why didn´t you give him that toy? ________ he´s crying?