Vyjádření budoucnosti

1. Doplňte:

I’ve got a new job in Brighton, so _______ there.

2. Doplňte:

If I get the new job in Brighton, I _______ there.

3. Vyberte gramaticky správnou větu:

4. Doplňte:

Why are you buying so many cakes? _______ a party tonight?

5. Vyberte gramaticky správnou větu:

6. Doplňte:

Ok then, I agree, we _______ to him tomorrow.

7. Vyberte gramaticky správnou větu:

8. Doplňte:

Eva, I love you, _______ me?

9. Doplňte:

I have to go. I _______ tennis with Paul in half an hour.

10. Doplňte:

My parents are so excited! They _______ on holiday next week!

11. Vyberte gramaticky správnou větu:

12. Doplňte:

Yes, darling, I really bought two pizzas and I really _______ them both!

13. Doplňte:

Enough! It’s too hot now. I _______ the window!

14. Doplňte:

I guess I _______ always _______ him.

15. Vyberte gramaticky správnou větu: