1. Time preposition IN
  2. Time preposition ON
  3. Time preposition AT


 1. INfor months, years, centuries and long periods


in - months

in January, in May


in - years

in 1969, in 2000


in - season

in summer, in winter


in - part of the day

in the morning, in the afternoon


It often snows in December.

I was born in 1989.

They saw her in the morning.



2. ON - for days and dates


on - days of the week

on Monday, on Sunday


on - date

on the 24th of December


on - special holidays

on my birthday, on Christmas Eve


I'm leaving  on Monday.

Her birthday is on the 26th May.

Where will you be on New Year's Day?



3. ON - for days and dates


at - time of a day

at 5 o'clock, at noon


at - celebrations

at Christmas, at Easter


at - fixed phrases

at the time, at the end of the week


Lucy comes home at lunchtime.

The train arrives at 10.05.

We're going skiing at Christmas.

I am tired at the end of the day.





Notice the difference:


ithe morning / on Monday morning

in the afternoon / on the Friday afternoon