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Opisné tvary modálních sloves

1. Doplňte:

I _______ handle it myself.

2. Vyberte jednu správnou větu:

3. Doplňte:

They ________ play in sitcom.

4. Doplňte:

She ________ use my desk since now.

5. Doplňte:

_______ you ever _______ to come on time?

6. Doplňte:

Last week, I ______  to see my brother in prison.

7. Doplňte:

What shall I say? - You ________ say anything.

8. Doplňte:

I _______ sing for the whole family. And I don´t feel like singing anymore.

9. Vyberte gramaticky správnou větu:

10. Vyberte gramaticky špatnou větu:

11. Doplňte:

I have nothing against you. But you ________ stop stealing my ideas.

12. Doplňte:

My cousin is not healthy. We ________ visit her on Monday, if we want to.

13. Doplňte:

Will she ________ have her speech?

14. Doplňte:

How far is their house? Last year, we ________ stay there for a whole summer.

15. Doplňte:

She was a very good secretary. She _______ type with both hands.